Wednesday, September 10, 2008

That final cherry on the sundae

Experience, Dear Gentle Reader(s), is the least of concerns regarding elevating Governor Palin to the Presidency.  As others have pointed out, Senator Harry Truman was woefully ignored by President Roosevelt during the final months of Roosevelt's life.  Yet President Truman became a formidable office holder in his tenure, hailed in recent election cycles as a Chief Executive and Commander-in-Chief to be emulated.  (True, Mr. Truman had had considerable Washington experience as a senator, and years more earlier as a legislator in Missouri.)

Of course, it will come as no surprise for an admission that Senator McCain's ticket will not be receiving this particular vote on November 4, but that is because the ticket will represent a continuation of Republican party control of the White House and the Supreme Court, both untenable considerations.

Future discussions about reasons to vote for the Obama-Biden ticket will include, with the very real economic benefits which historically accrue to the middle and lower class under a Democratic Party White House, the questionable family decision of Governor and Mr Palin regarding the birth of their son, Trig.

As reported in People Magazine, according to The New York Times, here is the scene in the Governor Palin's hospital room soon after the birth:

Inside Ms. Palin’s room, her daughter Willow, 14, immediately noticed her new brother’s condition, according to People magazine. “He looks like he has Down syndrome,” Willow said. “Why didn’t you tell us?”

Ms. Palin had wanted to let the news of the pregnancy sink in first, said Ms. Cole, her friend. She had intended to tell her family more after she returned from Texas. Then the baby arrived.

So, Dear Gentle Reader(s), the governor had known about Trig's condition for months prior to his birth, yet, if the above scene is accurate, she hadn't told his sister about it.  Imagine the anticipation then shock? amazement? concern? which race through Willow's mind as she hurries to get her first glimpse of her new brother, and she sees--What?  But?  Mom?

In all those months the governor nor her husband had the time to discuss this with their daughter?  No breakfasts?  No lunches?  No trips to and from church?

DGR(s), it is simply not credible this hockey mom didn't make time to prepare Trig's siblings for the drastic way the family dynamic was about to change.  What might she not find time for regarding information the American population ought to have?

Governor Palin is, by many accounts, a wonderfully warm person.  But there's a sensitivity gap.  Perhaps that gap is wide enough to give serious pause before considering whether or not to put her finger on "the button." 

That's a serious risk for us to take.

Trust, but verify.

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