Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Is Irrelevant Possible?

Somewhere, Dear Gentle Reader(s), in the plethora of virtual ink spilled over the possibility of Governor Palin becoming President Palin, is a comment somewhat like, "Don't worry, in the unlikely event of John's death, his people will be there to guide her decisions."  Now, of course, that isn't a direct quote.  So sue me.  (Not really!)

Should one read "between the lines" of that virtual quote, one might find a startling possibility:  The person in the Oval Office is somewhat irrelevant. 

The President, like most CEO's (and there is some historical suggestion that the Founding Fathers intended the Presidency to be the 18th century equivalent of a 21st century CEO--witness the President's Office in the Capitol Building), sets policy; subordinates implement policy.  Subordinate subordinates set rules; subordinates to subordinate subordinates enforce the rules.  That's the way the world works.  Even the world of government of the most powerful nation on earth at this moment.

If that possibility of irrelevance is even slightly possible, it then follows that the electorate should consider the Party even more than it should consider the candidate(s).

Do we wish to return to power for another 4 years the Party which brought us the disasters of the past 7 1/2 years? 

That, DGR(s), is the question.

Senator McCain and Governor Palin--maybe, maybe not.

The Republican Party?  Nope.

Trust, but verify.

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