Thursday, September 25, 2008

Niggling Pessimism

Do not, Dear Gentle Reader(s), quote me, but memory seems to contain a moment in none of the presidential debates in 2000 in which Al Gore looks at George W Bush and the expression on his face says something akin to:  "What on earth am I doing debating this clown?"

And here we are, in 2008, with John McCain imploding on so many fronts, and Sarah Palin losing conservative support on a daily, if not hourly basis; yet, there's this drip, drip, drip of 2000 which just won't quit. 

Polls indicate a statistical dead heat.

Why is it that the race is still close? 

Has our education system so failed us?

What is happening?

Trust, but verify...and if one verifies, a vote to put McCain-Palin into office in 2009 is just inconceivable, isn't it?


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