Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh, Really?

Sometimes it might be beneficial, Dear Gentle Reader(s), to take a moment to look at some of the cliches people bandy in their discussions.

For instance, in defending the choice of Governor Palin for the Vice Presidential nomination, one Stephen F Hayward is referenced in a Los Angeles Times story discussing "Founding Fathers."  The LAT story maintains:

Stephen F. Hayward took up that argument last week in the Weekly Standard, arguing that the Founding Fathers had envisioned "regular citizens" rising to leadership, in part because they possessed a "self-knowledge" and core beliefs that made them natural leaders.

It might be profitable to remember, DGR(s) that the Founders limited voting primarily to white male property owners.  The 1789 writers of the Constitution had a different concept of "regular citizens" than do we.  Sarah Palin would not have qualified.  Perhaps the Republicans ought not to discuss the Founding Fathers' concept of "regular citizens" in today's political realities.

The cliche is often a good tool for making a point in a discussion.  The cliche is often a sign of weakness for making a point in a discussion.  Always it is the responsibility of the person hearing the cliche to make the distinction between good and weak.

Trust, but verify.

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