Monday, September 8, 2008

Perplex, Perplexed, Perplexity--One Has to Fit

Why, Dear Gentle Reader(s), do certain elements of the Jewish community embrace the American Christian evangelical?  Now there's a to be or not to be question.

In today's Los Angeles Times (on line link not yet available), Patrick Goldstein writes about David Zucker's support for Sarah Palin, including this:

"I know that liberal Jews regard evangelical Christians as persecutors, but they're actually the best friends Jews have.  They are loyal supporters of Israel, along with wanting lower taxes, smaller government and a strong defense.  To me, they are my best allies."

One wonders if Zucker has ever read any of the literature (?) available on line which discusses the evangelical concept of End of Days.  For a particularly mind-boggling view, you, DGR(s), are invited, and warned, to visit Israel in Prophecy available at the End Times Project.   A lot of Jews, along with a lot of other people are going to die prior to the "return" of the Messiah.  And the evangelicals, as a group, subscribe to the time line of the "return" which includes the destruction of Israel. 

What's perplexing about this is that Zucker is not the only Jew to call evangelicals "best allies."  How on earth can that be?

A close secular Jewish political fellow offers an interpretation something like this:

Those Jews who think the evangelicals are friends to Israel know all about the End of Days.  They consider it to be so preposterous, so inconceivable, that they give absolutely no credence to its possibility.  They are, also, such staunch supporters of Israeli politics and positions, that they willingly and happily accept any and all support.  After all, whatever these loonies think is their business, and if their business compels them to support Israel, all to the better.

OK, that seems reasonable.  They're nuts, but they have some political power, and Israel can use all the support it can get. 

Still, there is this:  Should John McCain become President of the United States and then become incapacitated, the world, and Israel, and Jewish-American supporters of Israel, would be faced with Madam President Palin, an evangelical with her finger on the button.  Would she think, "God's will," and then push it?

What are these supporters of Senator McCain's choice of running mate thinking???

Very perplexing.

Trust, but for heaven's sake, verify.

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