Saturday, January 9, 2010


Ah, Dear Gentle Reader(s), the foray into commercialization was short.
The folks, ever eager to improve their product, make it easy to add ads (!) to your blog.  Simply click the "Monetize" button in the settings section.  So, why not try it?  Pick up a few sheckles along the way towards universal education and edification.
Then one looks at the ads by Google.
Eeek!  In a blog about reforming Islam there appear ads inviting you, DGR(s), to visit websites of what appears to be Christianist churches!
Oh, dear.
The good folk at blogger, though, makes it just as easy to unMonetize, with another click of the button.
Ads gone.
The world is safe.
Trust, but verify.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

It’s a slow start, but…

There is finally public movement towards engaging the moderate Muslim community in the struggle against Islamic extremists. 

Over at The Daily Beast, Leslie H. Gelb has an excellent commentary, “Only Muslims Can Stop Muslim Terror.”

And there’s also this Religion and Ethics Newsweekly website which contains a partial transcript from one of their sessions with one Salam Al-Marayati, executive director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council in Los Angeles.

Here are some quotes from the discussion between Bob Abernethy and Mr. Al-Marayati:

AL-MARAYATI: There’s a rise of the mob mentality. You read the comments on a number of stories, you get the emails, you get the phone calls, and I feel, unfortunately, that the level of hostility against Islam and Muslims is at an all-time high, and I’m very concerned.

ABERNETHY: Many Americans think that Muslims leaders in this country and in the Middle East should be doing a lot more to combat and condemn the interpretation of Islam that is so popular among many young radical extremists. Do you agree with that?

AL-MARAYATI: Well, I think that we as Muslims have done a lot in terms of the message against extremism. Our problem is that we have not been able to develop an effective way to get the message out. We don’t have the capacity in terms of public relations, if you will, in terms of making our message of moderation more newsworthy than the sensationalist message of extremism.

ABERNETHY: Do you think there is a role for the Unites States government in combating the ideology of radical Islam?

AL-MARAYATI: The Unites States government will not be able to defeat ideology of radicalism. It needs the Muslim American community in partnership, for those people unfortunately who are being recruited by extremists, they don’t regard the United States government as an authority, but they regard Muslim leaders as authorities. So it is our task, Muslims, who will help win the victory against radicalism and extremism.

It would’ve been nice if the Muslim Public Affairs Council in L.A. had been more forthcoming with their efforts.  But now that the information is in the open, it’s time for all of us to assist them as much as we are able.

(And, yes, we can continue to fight our own extremists in Judaic and Christian theology.)

We cannot win this war against religious fundamental extremists without the help of moderates.

Trust, but verify.

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