Monday, April 28, 2008

Automatic Reverence?

Dear Gentle Reader(s), the Oxford English Dictionary lists a 1485 usage of reverend as a respectful epithet applied to the clergy.

That's very nice.  One wonders, however, about the automatic granting of the epithet to someone who simply qualifies for the clergy.  Mightn't that presume just a bit too much of a certain moral standing for someone, without much verification of that person's morality?

Let us take, for instance, Jeremiah Wright, of the current brouhaha vis-a-vis Senator Obama's campaign.

Exactly why should Mr. Wright be given an automatic Reverend whenever the discussion in the media turns to his sermons and/or his political views?

This "Reverend" business ought to undergo a little scrutiny if language is to have meaning. 

Earn reverence.  Until then, Mr. will do nicely.

Trust, but verify.

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