Monday, April 14, 2008

Tricky Dick Revived

Dear Gentle Reader(s), spring is in the air, and there is foolishness all around. 

For example, there's a picture of Veep Cheney in sunglasses, and there's a mini brouhaha about what is reflected in those sunglasses.

You have the link, should you deign to check it out, but the answer to why Darth Cheney is smiling is the same reason why Tricky Dick smiled for all those years, and, yes, we did buy the metaphorical used car from him.  Dick II is smiling because, so far, he has gotten away with it.  Most probably he will totally get away with it.

That smile must be Cheshire Cat like in private.  (Public decorum, you know, plays a part.)

Dick Nixon.  Dick Cheney.  Separated at birth.

Trust, but verify.

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