Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ben Stein and OUR Money

Dear Gentle Reader(s), Ben Stein once wrote for the lamented Los Angeles Herald Examiner.  During much of his tenure, he raised the ire of a beloved part of our society, the brave classroom teachers of America's 2nd largest school district with consistent attacks on the local education community.  One day a teacher invited Ben to visit her classroom for a day--just to see how well his impressions jibed with her reality.  He went.  He changed his tune; and, by so doing, he gained some respect from more liberal members of the L.A. body politic.

That was nearly 30 years ago (!).  In the interim Stein has helped give us Jimmy Kimmel as a television personality, another plus in the eyes of some.

Today, writing in the New York Times, Stein comes around to a mildly liberal viewpoint on finances:  Not all regulation is bad.  Actually, what Stein writes is:

It looks to me as if the inmates are running the asylum. One truth, that deregulation is sometimes a good thing, has been followed down so long and winding a road that it has led to an immense lie: that deregulation carried to an extreme will not lead to calamity.

Now, DGR(s), let us raise a toast to the continuing progressive education of one Mr. Ben Stein. 

Trust, but verify.


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