Saturday, May 3, 2008

Alvin, Audie, and...John? Really?!?

One of the nicer truths, Dear Gentle Reader(s), about having a small, loyal (thank you), readership, is that it is possible to put forth an idea or two and know it will cause little more consternation than a rolled-eye or two.  Hence, today's trepidation infused steps into a popular phrase.

Over at The New York Times, DGR(s), you might read about a dilemma facing the Republican party this year:  party members crossing over to participate in the Democratic primaries.  While that might usually make a progressive smile, there was one quote which stopped this progressive in his metaphorical tracks:  “Much as I like John McCain as a war hero..."

War hero?  John McCain?  Um...

Alvin York (or at least Gary Cooper), was a World War I bona fide war hero.  Audie Murphy was a World War II war hero.  They both were extraordinary men in very extraordinary circumstances and they set a standard of behavior which many have sought to emulate.

Another war hero lost his life recently--David McDowell--had been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq seven times.  McDowell might never be the subject of a movie, but he certainly qualifies as a war hero in this progressive's book.  Imagine being a 30-year-old father of two and dutifully returning to Afghanistan for a seventh tour in that benighted area.

Not to diminish Senator McCain's military service one iota--he trained, he deployed, he flew, he was shot down, he was captured, and he endured years as a prisoner of war, including horrific treatment at the hands of his captors--but his heroism is of a more personal nature than the sort of heroism we usually associate with war efforts.

Alvin, Audie, and David are men who are war heroes in the truest sense of the word.

John is a man of personal courage.  He never claimed to be a "war hero."  He's correct.

War Hero should be saved for those men and women who perform extraordinary feats on the battlefield.  Let's not cheapen the phrase just for political gain. 

Trust, But Verify.

n.b., DGR(s), should you google McCain War Hero, you'll discover several hundred thousand entries.  "Yes.  No.  Maybe so.  Certainly."

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