Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Muckroom Follies--4.15.08Another Gold Nugget

Just in time for tax day,  the editors over at the Townhalldotcom muckroom have given us, Dear Gentle Reader(s), another golden nugget of truth.  Whether or not this means we are any nearer to finding that elusive, perhaps mythological, pony in the muckroom is unclear.

Thanks to "The Three Trillion Dollar War: An Interview," by Bill Steigerwald, we learn that the true cost, spread into the future, of this military miasma, this military bungling by the Bush administration, will cost the United States Taxpayer $3,000,000,000,000! 

Remember when we were told the Iraqis would pay for the war out of their oil funds? 

One wonders if the other Townhalldotcom writers read columns which are written by others, because they, tax cutters almost to a person, generally still support the Bush administration, and they hope for a McCain victory in November in order to continue the legacy of the neo-con stealth attack of 2000.

As Andrew Sullivan often says, you get what you deserve if you vote for Senator Clinton.  Well, Andy, buddy, the same applies if anyone votes for a Republican candidate this fall.

And if a Republican tells you this war is worth the cost,

Trust, but verify

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