Wednesday, October 10, 2007

There's Fog and then there's Fog

There's, of course, an on going rush to protect Rush over at the muck room. The latest is by a guy named Brent Bozell III. He has a post entitled : "Rush Limbaugh, Vindicated." Like Rush's own attempts to shape the truth, Brent doesn't quite get the job done.
The picture is one taken during the recent scalping routine which takes place during the early fall out here in the Palm Springs area--it is what's needed to have green grass during the winter season. This picture shows the process about 100 yards from my home. If you look closely, you can make out the scalping machine, but the view of the driver is totally obscured, even though you know he's there. That's what's happened to the truth of Rush and Jesse Macbeth.
If you go to Media Matters's website, you can hear Rush and a listener discuss soldiers who have been dissing the Iraqi involvement.
Rush does mention Macbeth, but some several seconds after he first mentions the "phony." Now he and Brent are trying to say Rush was talking about Macbeth all the while.
Listen yourself, Dear Gentle Reader(s).
Trust, but verify.

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  1. Good pic! Looking forward to more illustrated posts.

    Is that fog or diesel smoke?

  2. Alas, it's dust/dry grass bits.


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