Sunday, October 7, 2007

Alas, poor Truth, we knew it well...(corrected)

...Hmmm. This from the mucking room: Bill Buckley, ol' William F., that is, penned this, in regards to the Limbaugh "phony soldier" flap: "He was criticizing the phony soldier we've mentioned -- a specific individual who had falsified his war record -- but he was hardly including in that category every soldier who has reservations about the war."

Bill, Poopsie, go to Media Matters and listen to the actual, original, transcript. At the point Mr. Limbaugh first used "phony," the soldier's name in question had not been used.

Now, Limbaugh might or might not have meant to include every soldier who opposes the Iraq war in that first "phony," but he certainly did not clearly associate the discredited soldier with the word at that point.

The title for Buckley's little tweaking of the fact is: The flap featuring Rush Limbaugh, Media Matters and illustrates the importance not only of keeping facts straight but also of lining up symmetrical perspectives.

Excellent thinking, Mr. Buckley. Now, do yourself a favor and listen to the original audio, then re-think the "straight" facts. It has been alleged that Limbaugh has excised some critical seconds from the original broadcast. I don't know if that's true. Perhaps, Mr. B, you should investigate.

What is truth?

Trust, but verify.
(Correction: the original post named in the 2nd paragraph. Old age. Sorry)

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