Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A bit of balance...?

...over at the muckroom of Townhall.com, there are a couple of interesting titles, if not the articles themselves, which might bear further review.

First is this intriguing title by Dennis Prager: "Internet Anonymity Is as Destructive as Internet Porn." I have long advocated prohibiting commentary by Anonymous. I don't even like using cutesy-poo nicknames or aliases. If a person has a credible thought, that person ought to own up to it and be willing to defend it--with his/her name.

Then there is another article by Phyllis Schlafly which discusses a pending international issue: "Law of the Sea Treaty Would Swamp U.S. Legal System." Schlafly is a touch xenophobic in her argument, but it merits some thought. It touches on a portion of the "ideological struggle" we're in. To wit: Are we "one world" or not? What is our position in this "one world" if we are in it.

Just because the right has been wrong about Mr. Bush's war policies, doesn't mean they're incorrect about everything.

(Oh, Dear Gentle Reader(s), how hard it was to type that!)

Trust, but verify.

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