Saturday, October 20, 2007

Body Count Down! Half Full? Half Empty?

Interesting people over at the Townhall muck room.

Today's winner is one Rich Tucker with this head: "A Depressing Lack of Bad News" and this lead: "Bad news, folks. We’re winning in Iraq."

The thrust of the article is that the mainstream media (MSM) looks too often for bad news out of Iraq, and when there's none, MSMers don't do enough to push the good news--which is that we're "winning." So, good news is really bad news for the MSM.

Hmmm. Deaths are down; bombings are down = we're winning. "Down" doesn't yet mean "finished," does it?

Here's his final para: "We finally have a viable exit strategy from the war in Iraq. We’re going to win and come home. Too bad we haven’t yet fashioned a strategy for escaping the media’s relentless focus on bad news."

We're "going to win" are we? To "come home?" Very good news. Um, why the shift from the present tense in the first paragraph to the future tense in the final paragraph?

Trust, but verify.

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