Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Um…”…the voice of the majority…” Really?

The battle is engaged, Dear Gentle Reader(s).

The federal court case against Prop (H)8 is shaping up.  The California lawyers defending (H)8 have gained a legal team based in D.C., and the judge has set August 19 for the next case management hearing.

As we go into the public relations segment of the case, it is well to remember some basic facts about language. 

There are others, as will be pointed out in the days to come, but one basic example of “…well, maybe, but…” can be found in a statement issued by a lawyer from the D.C. firm:

We are the only party now defending the statute and essentially being the voice of the majority of Californians.

Well, maybe.  But…

Remember, the population of California, by rough estimates, is 36,756,666.  The number of voters in last November’s Proposition (H)8 election was 7,001,084 “yes” and 6,401,482 “no.”

That gives the law firm the right to say that they represent a majority of 52.3% California voters, not Californians.

Trust, but verify.

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