Friday, July 3, 2009

The Apple and its proximity to the Tree

Ah, Dear Gentle Reader(s), there’s fun over at the Muckroom today.

The fun comes from Jonah Goldberg, son of Lucien Goldberg, she of the spotted blue dress fame.  You remember her, the sneaky-petess most responsible for keeping the dress secure.  A woman of sterling character, no doubt.

Son Jonah has written an open letter to Governor Palin, “A letter to Sarah” in today’s issue of’s email compilation, which, in itself, is almost an effort of expiation for the family’s ills—but that’s most likely a fantasy of yours truly.

First Goldberg, J. touts Sarah’s unique qualifications for the vice-presidency (go figure), then he lists ways in which she is misplaying her hand lately.  Along the way he pulls a couple of croppers, i.e., “For Democrats, fairly or not, you've become a laughingstock.”  (Become?!?  Better been.  From day 2—when she first spoke unscripted.)

And then there’s this extraordinary admission: 

“Yes, you can talk well about the stuff you know -- oil drilling, energy, etc. -- but beyond your comfort zone, you fall back on bumper-sticker language that sounds fine to the people who already agree with you but is useless in winning over skeptics.

President Bush had the same problem you do, which is why there's a hunger for Republicans who can effectively articulate and sell our policies and philosophy.”

That bit of honesty, Bush II was inarticulate, is rare from the Goldberg ilk; but, notice, DGR(s), it isn’t done in the spirit of admitting a mistake—Jonah’s mistake about both Sarah and W.

How tone deaf Goldberg is in this piece.

Hie thee thither and enjoy.


Trust, but verify.

And don’t stand too close to an apple tree.

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