Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dick, Dick, Dick, A-dick-a Dick, Dick, Dick

Actually, Dear Gentle Reader(s), the title comes from a song by Cole Porter, “Tom, Dick, or Harry,” in Kiss Me, Kate.  In case you wondered.

Richard Cheney, vice president under W, otherwise knows as “Dick,” for reasons more and more apparent as each day goes by, is in the news again.

This time Cheney’s named as the force behind some faulty CIA intelligence reports given to Congress during a period of time in the previous administration.

The New York Times carries a “news alert” about this particular brouhaha this afternoon.

Poor Dick. 

Poor W.

Poor us.

Dick just gets closer and closer to serious problems.  How much longer can the Obama administration continue to protect this man and the shenanigans he pulled?

Transparency, Mr. Obama.

Trust, but verify.

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