Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NPR Tidbits—Health Care, Race 7.29.09

A couple of quickie notes, Dear Gentle Reader(s), which come from today’s broadcast of Morning Edition on NPR.*

Senator Grassley made this point—there is no “Obama Plan.”  All the plans coming out of the Congress are plans which have been developed by Senators or Representatives to far.  The President has laid out some general goals, but the White House has not produced a plan of its own.  So, DGR(s), whenever you read of, or hear, someone referring to the Obama Plan, they are being imprecise; there is no such plan.  If they can’t get that basic bit of info correct, what else, you must ask yourself, do they not know?

In the continuing discussion of race, Inskeep and Williams brought in a couple of new twists—class and power.  That much makes sense.  It’s hard to continue to portray “minorities” as continuing victims when so much of the class and power structures have been integrated to the point we see today.  Steve and Juan could, however, have benefitted from listening to another segment of today’s program where a while man said he didn’t support Obama’s plan (see above) because only minorities would benefit.  He went on to say that the white middle class would end up paying for the plan.  Lesson?  While class and power are shifting around, there’s enough misguided “white” bias against “minorities” to keep niggling us for another couple of generations.

Trust, but verify.

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