Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why do they keep digging?

The Republican Party generally, and the California Republican Party specifically, Dear Gentle Reader(s), presents a conundrum.  One would think they’d pause, take a look at some of their pet projects over the past 60 some-odd years, and see that their predicament today is linked to the “success” they have had with those projects.

For instance, the U.S. Constitution was amended, in large part, to limit the presidency to two terms because of the 4 successful elections which firmly affixed Franklin D. Roosevelt in the pantheon of American politics.  Then, there was the successful effort on the part of California Republicans to impose “term limits” on the state legislature because of the power amassed by Speaker of the state Assembly, Willie Brown.  Then there was the successful Republican drive to make a super majority vote necessary to pass a state budget.  Finally, there is the irresponsible “pledge” the Republican base is imposing on candidates which states they will not vote to raise taxes. 

The California legislature is a national joke because of term limits.  The California budget process is creating havoc statewide.

And the Republican base refuses to allow their legislators to act responsibly.

What is wrong with these people?

What happened to the concept of good stewardship?  The responsibility of leadership?  The art of compromise?

(Of course, few of those changes in the legislative processes could have been achieved without the jaw-dropping acquiescence of voters.  Why on earth do people insist on voting against their self-interest?  Present company, excluded, of course, DGR(s)!)

Away with term limits!  Away with super majority budget votes!

Think.  Just because the Republicans have dug this hole—with, alas, our help—doesn’t mean we should allow them to keep digging.

Trust, but verify.

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