Sunday, February 15, 2009

Filler Items and China in the Mideast—a Quickie

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Two items which didn’t make headlines but might bear watching in the future:

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AFP) — Taliban militants have released a Chinese engineer six months after he was abducted in violence-wracked northwest Pakistan, security officials said Sunday.

QUETTA, Pakistan (AP) - Kidnappers threatened on Friday to kill an American employee of the United Nations within 72 hours and issued a grainy video of the blindfolded captive saying he was “sick and in trouble.“

And what, you may ask, Dear Gentle Reader(s), of it?  The what is that the Chinese captive is being released and the American is threatened with death.  What might be indicated is the growing influence of China in the Mideast, along with China’s growing influence in Africa. 

Just a little burr for you to store.

Trust, but verify.

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