Thursday, February 26, 2009

La BM and Peristalsis

A little movement from Bono Mack, Dear Gentle Reader(s), caused a teensy ripple in the placid waters of House politics.  It seems Ms BM decided to vote with the majority party on a recent House Appropriations bill—only 15 other Republicans did so.  There’s a reason few people out here in God’s Waiting Room noticed.

Bono Mack’s constituency is just a teensy bit to the left of center.  Her monied constituency, however is, ahem, comfortably to the right of center.  Ergo look for Ms BM to vote the progressive element out here when, and only when, it doesn’t endanger her financial base.

Nothing new about that.  As long as money = “free speech” some of us will have just a smidgen less representation in Congress.

Trust, DGR(s), but verify.

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