Sunday, February 15, 2009

Muckroom Follis 2.15.09 Fox Dens and Hens

It’s a wonderful day for hens, Dear Gentle Reader(s).  Over at the Townhalldotcom Muckroom a hen has gained entry and dropped a little chicken reminder of her presence.

Go over to the Muckroom and read Ken Connor’s piece, “Nuts!”  There you’ll find a cogent argument for the ability to sue the pants off corporations.  Usually, the mantra of the muckroom denizens, and readers—you’ll find the “average vote” is a mere two—is to jam tort “reform”, limit tort suits as much as possible, down our collective throats.

Relevant quote:

Free market principles work. They increase productivity and maximize freedom, but they don't protect the public from thieves and wrongdoers. Many corporations today have manipulated the language of the free market (think "deregulation") in order to conceal their misdeeds and to protect themselves from accountability. They deceive, steal, or act in a negligent or reckless fashion, then lobby for laws that protect them from their victims.

Now there’re a couple of sentences for the ages.  Tort suits are sometimes necessary for everyone’s protection.  Tort “reform” has most recently been an attempt to avoid responsibility.  We’ve had enough of that avoidance over the last 8 years to last for a couple of generations.

Congratulations to the sly Mr. Connor.  (And congratulations to Jonathan Garthwaite for looking the other way!)

For the rest of us,

Trust,but verify.

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