Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Muckroom Follies 3.26.08 More Infiltration!

Dear Gentle Reader(s), something is happening over at Townhalldotcom's Muckroom! There's been another infiltration of common sense! Hens will stop laying eggs; there'll be no more milk for the babes! Nature is turned in its head!

John Stossel has penned "Law Can't Prevent Underage Sex." (Really?!? says you. Then what...?)

Common sense seems to drive Stossel. Not so much the RWNSs he interviews for the column: " some ancient cultures, it would have been perfectly appropriate for young people to marry and start a family as soon as their bodies were biologically ready for reproduction. But we live in a very different culture, and young people today need more time before marriage, but they don't need sex before marriage."

Yes, but...

Here's Stossel's last thought, rational and sensible--a rarity in the Muckroom, albeit not quite so rare these days: Whatever the law says, there's no proof that age-of-consent laws deter sex before marriage. Many kids don't even know what the age of consent is.
Something is very wrong when young people, doing what hundreds of thousands of other kids do, are condemned for life on sex registries next to rapists and real pedophiles. There's no justice in that

Stossel's got the right idea about teen age sexuality and laws attempting to govern it. Now, if he would only look more closely at what's happened to the Republican Party over the past 20 years...

Trust, but verify.

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