Thursday, March 6, 2008

Muckroom Follies 3.06.08 Another Pearl!

Who, Dear Gentle Reader(s), would've thought it possible? Over at the Townhall muckroom, another voice of reason has emerged!

Hie thee, then, over to Steve Chapman's "McCain's Consistent Folly on Iraq," where you will find a litany of Senator McCain's errors about the Iraqi situation.

Chapman ends his piece with this: McCain says the current "strategy is succeeding in Iraq."His apparent definition of success is that American forces will stay on in huge numbers as long as necessary to keep violence within acceptable limits. We were told we had to increase our numbers so we could leave. Turns out we had to increase our numbers so we could stay.
Five years after the Iraq invasion, we've suffered more than 30,000 dead and wounded troops, incurred trillions in costs and found that Iraqis are unwilling to overcome their most basic divisions. And no end is in sight. If you're grateful for that, thank John McCain

Prior to that finale, Chapman recites the Republican nominee's flips with regards to the president's war policies.

Thank, also, Mr.Chapman. Why should we give another blinkered Republican the power to keep us in Iraq?

Trust, but verify.

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