Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Muckroom Follies 3.25.08 A Horseshoe Nail

Dear Gentle Reader(s), there must've been a pony at one time in the Townhalldotcom Muckroom; one has found another nail!

Cal Thomas has penned Typical for today's Muckroom. In it Thomas addresses race and makes an interesting case. He, of course, is spurred by Senator Obama's recent speech, and he seems to second the senator's basic premise: This accusatory back and forth between races will continue beyond the current election unless all of us stop replaying past grievances. One can criticize some of what Obama said (and I have), but his appeal to lay the past to rest and move on to a better future is compelling and worth discussing. The piece is well worth reading.

(It must be said, DGR(s), that Thomas' claim to be "typical" is a bit much. He moves in a rather rarefied world. His point that he is "prudent," however, rings true. Most adults will cross the street if nearing an encounter with any thuggish looking group of young males!)

Trust, indeed, but verify!

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