Monday, March 24, 2008


Jonathan Alter on "Countdown" this evening had a questionable moment or two on this evening's broadcast. He said that Senator Clinton had, in effect, exaggerated her role in the Kosovo peace talks during the tenure of President Clinton.

Really? Perhaps Mr. Alter should re-read Paradise Lost, Dear Gentle Readers), and the part about "they also serve who stand and wait." Can the importance of a finely tuned dinner, or the setting of a conference dealing with war and peace, be denigrated? The comfort of the delegates' physical needs is to be dismissed?

Foolishly blinkered viewpoint is the hallmark of a person with limited vision. Perhaps Mr. Alter, and Mr. Olberman, who offered no resistance to Alter's remarks, should re-think the comments. While Mrs. Clinton might not have had "clearance," it is incomprehensible to think that a person with the experience in Washington politics which Mr. Alter has would think that she had no input. Or that her work as a help meet was inconsequential.

Trust, but verify.

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