Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Sam and Andrew Show--Winding Down?

Sam Harris and Andrew Sullivan have been engaging in an exchange which debates faith and religion. Beliefnet carries it.

Frankly, I find it to be a bit tiresome and futile. Much electronic "ink" has been spilled, and, as Sullivan writes today, "Perhaps, then, Sam, we have talked as much as we fruitfully can" it's time to move on.

No one asked, but here's my take on it: 1) We exist; 2) Something caused us to become; 3) We don't know what that something is; 4) The anthropomorphization of that something has caused untold miseries because that anthropomorphization has allowed all human strengths and foibles to somehow become endowed with an element of divinity. Jealousy is deified, pettiness is deified, anger is deified, revenge is deified.

When religionists speak of blasphemy of others, their tongues should fall out of their heads.

Sorry, Andrew; this is one place where one might certainly trust, but it is impossible to verify.

Sorry, Sam; as long as you write, which proves that someone using your name exists, something caused you to exist.

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