Saturday, April 21, 2007

"A Cancer on the Presidency"

John Dean's famous warning to President Nixon made the connection between the insidious growth of cancer and the corruption of the Nixon administration in the 1970's.

Logo is broadcasting Paragraph 175 this week. It's part of their "evolution in visible" series. Paragraph 175 illustrates the insidious growth of anti-gay attitudes in Nazi Germany in the 1930's.

Watching the film in 2007 gives one an eerie feeling of deja vu. Are we losing, incrementally, our freedoms today?

People who trust implicitly in the government should watch this film. It graphically demonstrates the truth of "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."

Paragraph 175, released in 2002, interviews survivors of Nazi Germany's campaign against homosexuals in the 1930's. Several male survivors of prisons and concentration camps told their stories. The one lesbian in the film managed to escape to England; she was the only surviving member of her Jewish family.

A theme throughout the movie is the repetition of how quickly the Nazis managed to squelch the budding gay life in Berlin and destroy the research done by Magnus Hirsch's group.

And each of these people saw signs of the approaching disaster but paid little attention to them. And their non-gay friends quickly became indifferent to their suffering.

"It can't happen here."

It could. Verify the truthfulness of government leaders. Is the administration fostering our common weal or one it deems in its own best interest?

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