Monday, April 23, 2007

Genocide or Fruits of War?

On page A18 of The Los Angeles Times, 4/23/07, the Turkish embassy presents a full page ad, "Let's Unearth the Truth about What Happened in 1915 Together."

It calls for "a joint commission of historians [from Turkey and Armenia] which will also be open to third parties.

The ad also gives the embassy's website: for further information.

A visit to the website eventually brought up this quote,
from a "Statement by Turkish Ambassador Nabi Şensoy on the PBS Program "The Armenian Genocide" which was released on April 18, 2006, "Turkey itself has pursued the facts via numerous collaborative efforts. Last year, Prime Minister Erdoğan issued an unprecedented proposal to Armenian President Kocharian for an impartial study of the matter through the establishment of a joint historical commission, a landmark opening that has yet to receive a favorable response."

If Turkey is offering to participate in such an historical review, then the U.S. should support such a venture.

This seems like a good time to exercise "trust, but verify."

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