Saturday, March 31, 2007

Saint John-Paul II? Oughtn't they wait?

It's all over the news services, but The New York Times' website is handy, so here it is; and these are some opening words: "If the story Sister Marie Simon-Pierre told Friday is true..."

Therein lies the tale.

Since Parkinson's Disease is a slow death warrant, my mother died of it in the early 1980's, and the disease is one of "a degenerative disease of the nervous system," perhaps it would be best to wait to see if this remission is more psychological than physical.

J2P2 made some good decisions as pope. He also made some very questionable ones, along with the assistance of "The Rotweiler."

For the Vatican to slow down this express train of "Santo subito! — Sainthood now!" might be a very good decision.

Trust, but verify.

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  1. I agree. However, my assessment of J2P2 is much more negative than yours. You might also appreciate my post "Church Sex Politics" at It calls on Christian churches to be more truthful in their statements about gay people.

  2. J2P2 is too close to us to make a determination. I read your piece of May 1. Certainly you make a lot of sense.

    His papacy was far more political--right wing, political--than spiritual.

    His charisma was buttressed by the emotional effect of such large gatherings...and such gatherings are just as dangerous (see the jihadist schools and ranting imams) as they are palliative. They have, however, very little to do with spiritual efficacy.

    (By the way, if you add .com to your blog address, your link will be more efficient.)


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