Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Neo-Con's Admission...if half-hearted

Andrew Sullivan has a long quote in The Daily Dish today (You might have to to the archive for March 28, 2007) which comes from a neo-con. In it the writer admits to coming around to agree with many of the critical points which have been aimed at the Bush Administration vis-a-vis Iraq.

At the end of the piece, Sullivan writes, "This is almost exactly my view. It doesn't exculpate me from what I once supported; but it's honest. And honesty is a start."

That's nice. Honesty is a start. In the middle of the piece, though, one finds this:

"But conservatives and a lot of moderates rallied around Bush and Co. because of the unfair attacks from the left and the media, whose objectivity was never in evidence, and in doing so we ratified and enabled every bad decision Bush and Co. made in Iraq."

What that amounts to is "the devil [aka liberals and Main Stream Media] made me do it." Further, the question must arise that, at the time, the objectivity of the neo-cons was where? In evidence? Where was the skepticism of the right? Compromised by the skepticism of the left?

The left seems to have learned the lesson of Reagan, the right yet has learned to "Trust, but verify."

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