Saturday, March 24, 2007

Reconstruction Progress in Iraq

In case you don't have this site, United States Central Command, you should. Bookmark it now.

Among linked sites, you will find this one, Iraq Reconstruction Report. Bookmark that one, too.

Too often we don't hear about reconstruction successes. Let's not argue about the specifics, there are some, and those need to be recognized.

Here's a clip from the default bookmark written by Donna Miles for American Forces Press Service:

Despite a challenging and often hostile work environment, [Army Major General Ronald] Johnson reported that some 4,000 Corps of Engineers soldiers and civilian employees have seen more than 2,800 projects completed. “We have completed 13 refurbished hospitals that can serve 5,500 patients a day, restored water treatment facilities benefiting over 2.3 million Iraqis, completed over 250 border forts, helping to secure more than 2,000 miles of Iraqi borders, completed over 800 new or renovated schools serving 325,000 Iraqi children, and have increased electric power generation, benefiting 1.3 million homes,” he said.

That's good news. Let's share it.

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