Friday, August 21, 2009

Why Afghanistan?

Hmmm.  Because it’s there?  It’s where the money is?  No and No.  It is because we have a moral obligation to try to bring stability to that benighted nation.

Remember Charlie Wilson’s War?  That’s why we’re there.  No, not the movie; the subject of the movie.  When the Russians invaded Afghanistan, the CIA—our CIA—with the help or insistence of Mr. Wilson, began to supply and assist the various Afghani fighters with money, supplies, and information.  One of the fighting factions were what would become the Taliban.  We funded them.  We armed them.  Then, when the Russians finally left Afghanistan, we didn’t keep an eye on them.  We let them take control of the post-Russian Afghani government, and then—we know the rest.

That’s why we need to continue in Afghanistan.  We need to finish the job the Bush administration virtually abandoned.

We cannot morally allow the Taliban to inflect its cultic will on the Afghani people without some serious attempt to prevent a return of that country to the plight of those people under the oppression of 7th century thinking.

Trust, but verify.

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