Sunday, August 23, 2009

RINOs* v Whatos?

November 2010 is an election year in California, Dear Gentle Reader(s), and it promises to be almost as interesting as last year’s.

There has been much ballyhoo out here in the Pyrite State (Golden no longer, thanks to the Republican Party) about two mega-RINOs, Carly Fiorino and Meg Whitman, who have indicated a strong inclination to run for state office in 2010.  Fiorino is looking to replace Senator Boxer and Whitman to replace Governator Schwarznegger.

There’s a fly in someone’s ointment, if not a grain of sand in the Vaseline.  There are already Republican base snipers out taking pot shots at these two women.  For an early introduction into the Republican names who might figure in the attempt to wrest a senate seat from the Democrats as well as keep the Republicans in the governor’s office, hie thee to the Muckroom to read Debra J Saunders’ column, “Too Big To Vote?”

Ms Saunders is thinking neither woman could win if for no other reason than their respective voting records—very spotty for both women; Whitman didn’t register as a Republican until 2007.  Seems like a thin premise, but we’ll see.

Much ado about nothing?  Can Boxer possibly fall?  Are Californians finally getting tired of having Republican nay-sayers in charge?

Stay tuned and remember:

Trust, but verify.

*Republican In Name Only—Honorable men and women who do not adhere to the right wing fundamentalists

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