Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Muckroom Follies 8.18.09 Brit Health Care

Watching the right wing tie itself into lying knots is mildly amusing; watching a commentator struggle to toe the line is sad.  Cal Thomas is trying to help defeat the attempts to reform health care (Why?  What will the right gain from insisting that the poor must be unhealthy?) while still keeping some semblance of rational thought is an example of the sad.

If you must, Dear Gentle Reader(s), you might go to a column by Thomas presented in Townhall.com, “NHS vs. USA.”  In it he manages to cite stories from the British press which disparage the NHS.  However, in his second paragraph, he is forced to admit that the British Tory leader, David Cameron, is not quite so politically unhappy with the government run health care:  “In an apparent effort to outflank the critically ill Labour Party, Cameron promises to strengthen the NHS.”

If the NHS is so unpopular and so ineffective, why is the leader of the conservative party, the party of the Iron Lady Thatcher—you remember, she’s the one at the head of the Brit government which “defeated” Billy Eliot’s miner father—making political promises to “strengthen” the service? It doesn’t make much sense.

Perhaps it’s time for more progressives in the U.S. to take to the streets, or at least to the typewriter (metaphorically), and let the congressperson nearest you know that the fear tactics over “socialized” medicine will not work.  Public option is necessary.

Trust but verify.

n.b.  For a truly scary moment, drop down and read some of the letters following the Thomas article. 

Example from a writer in MI:

Black Panther in White House Tanking....

The Kenyan coke-head is literally sinking among the American people. His real support base is among the losers like those in ACORN and SEIU.
What a shame but what could we expect? He had almost zero experience in life, other than race-baiting community organization, which is a fancy term for threatening to sue firms if they didn't hire enough so called "minorities".
The anti-American, Marxist-Muslim is tanking.......don't ya love it!

There is no better indication of the failures of the American educational system.  Alas.

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