Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why Doesn’t CAIR Care?

Well, Dear Gentle Reader(s), the Council on American-Islamic Relations hasn’t done it again…still…yet.

Over the past few days we learn that the Afghani government has signed a law reverting to the subjugation of women, and that in the Sadr City area of Baghdad six men have been shot to death because of their sexual orientation.

Not a word about these atrocities in the CAIR press releases listed on their web site today.

Yet CAIR insists that Islam is misunderstood or misrepresented. 

That may well be, but until moderate Muslims take strong stands against the Islamists who would return the followers of the religion to the 7th century, that misunderstanding will continue.  And since there is no evidence the stories have been fabricated, the religion can hardly be misrepresented.

Let’s have some strong condemnations of the misuse of your religion, gentlemen and gentlewomen.

And the rest of us, Trust, but verify.

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