Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Abashment, self-inflicted

More often than one cares to admit, Dear Gentle Reader(s), there happens a moment of uncharitable thinking which brings a twinge of…not quite…shame to oneself.

Vz., for instance, my reaction to an article in the on-line Advocate.

The story delineates, briefly, the misadventures of one J.A. Ovalle who had the misfortune to chat on-line with a faux 15-year-old girl.  You know where this is going.  No biggie, right?  Wrong!  The “girl” was really an undercover female police officer.  Still no biggie?  Try this:  J.A. works for the Spanish-speaking arm of…wait for it…Focus on the Family!

Gee, a potential statutory rapist working for a self-proclaimed Christian family organization.  Who woulda thunk it.

The cherry on the sundae, so to speak, is a quote from one Gary Schneeberger, spokesman for FotF, “We’re shocked.”

Doubtless.  (And sweeeeet!)  (Not to mention dumb, dumb, dumb.  Hasn’t every ephebophile in the world watched those sting programs like “To Catch a Predator”?)

Ol’ Gare once worked here in the Coachella Valley for The Desert Sun.  He convened a committee of locals to give some input to the paper back in 1999.  I liked him very much.  Then he left the paper, got married, and became something hardly recognizable—a spokesman for a fundie Christianist organization.

Review your life, Gary, ol’ pal.

Certainly review the harm your organization does.

And as for the other “Christians” in your group,

Trust, but verify.

As for me,

I’m so ashamed!


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