Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nanny? Manny? More Muckroom Nonsense

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Perhaps somewhere in your subconsciousnesses,Dear Gentle Reader(s), a synapse will react to the political right’s occasional lamentation of how shockingly our nation has become a “nanny state.”  They complain of too much coddling of the proletariat by the various social safety nets we have constructed.

No longer.

By way of a commentary by one of the most esteemed right wingers in the nation, one George Will, the right has lost the ability to cast a disapproving sneer at the state’s willingness to take responsibility for others.  Mr. Will, it seems wants to forbid adult males, of whatever political persuasion, the ability to decide on the cloth with which to drape his body.

That’s right.  Will wants to deny denim.

Try this for an opening paragraph:

On any American street, or in any airport or mall, you see the same sad tableau: A 10-year-old boy is walking with his father, whose development was evidently arrested when he was that age, judging by his clothes. Father and son are dressed identically -- running shoes, T-shirts. And jeans, always jeans. If mother is there, she, too, is draped in denim.

The article then becomes a snob fest.

It provides an opportunity for a liberal to give a full-throated hoot, too.

Given all the problems with which the nation has to deal, is this the best to which a pre-eminent mind of the right can rise?  Our problems can be solved by panting the male population with khaki? Or 80% cotton, 20% polyester?

We’re in trouble.  There is no longer a thinking party of loyal opposition.

Trust, but verify (before you believe anything any right winger tries to tell you.)

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