Sunday, March 15, 2009

Whatever these guys are smokin’…

…be sure, Dear Gentle Reader(s), not to try it.

Scouring through the Townhalldotcom muckroom this morning, one spots this lede:  Why the polls say Obama is worse than Bush. 

“Really?” you ask.  “What polls?  When were they released?  Why hasn’t there been commentary in the editorial pages of national newspapers?”

It turns out that the column, written by one Kevin McCullough, mentions only one (1) poll, “bi-partisan pollsters Schoen and Rasmussen.” 

Never heard of them?  A quick Google search will find several pages of references to them and to this poll under consideration.  A quick click on three of the citations indicate that the poll is being touted by partisan Republican sites.

In other words, S&R are polling the choir and then preaching to it.

Alas, today’s isn’t the Republican party of the Eisenhower era.

Trust, but verify.

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