Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I feel your outrage! (Yawn. Smack. Smack. zzzzzzzz)

There comes a time, Dear Gentle Reader(s), when so much…er…”stuff”…happens that one simply shuts down for a bit.  Perhaps to recuperate?

So it is with one David Lazarus, a business columnist for the Los Angeles Times.  His product today is titled, “When outrage fatigue sets in.”  His immediate outrage fatigue is directly related to the AIG bonuses, but his symptoms are easily transferred to any of a myriad of stuff happens examples.

The Muckroom over at still has its daily infusion of neo-con and fauxRepublican cant, regardless of the mountains of evidence that the cant can’t make sense anymore (not that discerning people, such as you and I, DGR(s), were ever taken in by it).

The site is simply yawn-inducing.

It’s much more interesting to observe the engineering wonders of a hummingbird which has chosen to construct a nest on a colored glass hanging in a patio.

Forget the right wing.  Enjoy the virtual invisible wings.


Trust, but verify.

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  1. [re photo]

    That is just too cool!

    Do you have feeders in the yard, or nectar-producing plants?

  2. The citrus in the area are in late bloom, and there are a few flowering bushes and petunia beds around, but no feeder in the back. A feeder in the front attracts hummers and other small birds. Hummingbirds are plentiful out here.


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