Friday, March 6, 2009

Faster, Daddy! Faster!

Much, Dear Gentle Reader(s), is being made of the “slow” pace of filling the Obama Administration’s Treasury political posts.

However, in the context of the recent divisive nature of our political system—as well as of the context of the blogosphere—isn’t it just a bit admirable of the slow vetting of appointees?

Sad to say, on the one hand, but administration appointees nowadays must pass a scrutiny which demands a virtual “purer than Caesar’s wife” standard.  There ain’t many of us around. (Ahem)

There are many aspects of our social contract which must be reviewed.  During the review, it must be expected that some of the quotidian chores will be slower than usual—fewer subordinates in place will force heads of departments to delay implementation of some programs.

Maybe an election cycle or two must pass before we can accept, with some grace and humility, an oversight in a tax return or the possibility that a person can grow from a questionable stance on an issue into a more acceptable stance.

The rush to place a willing person in a position of responsibility has too often allowed the foxes entrance to the henhouse.  For some slight proof of that, just see the indictment/conviction rate of the Reagan appointees or the current fiscal crises.

Trust, but verify.

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