Monday, January 19, 2009

Oy! They have ‘em, too!

Remember those “end days” Christianist fundies, Dear Gentle Reade(s)?  It turns out (although one shouldn’t be surprised given our general lack of knowledge of Islam) that there are a Moslem equivalent:  Islamic apocalypticists.

Andrew Sullivan has a posting about this distressing phenomenon.

The I.A.s “believe an end-of-the-world battle between the forces of good and evil is forthcoming.”  Further,  in the “past two decades have seen a spectacular rise in the scope and popularity of apocalyptic literature of interest to Islamists.

Imagine.  Each of the extremist sects in the two most bloody religions in the history of the world has a fight between good and evil marking time in the wings.

It could well be a mistake, DGR(s), to pooh-pooh religious fundamentalists of any stripe.  They do not bode well for the future.

Trust, but verify.

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