Monday, January 12, 2009

OK, Andrew. But, who’s left?

Now that the election is past and the current neo-con Administration is down to two weeks, Andrew Sullivan, Dear Gentle Reader(s), is reverting to form (pre-2003 bash-Democrats-regardless-of-responsibility form, that is).

Sullivan notes an “experiment” by Mother Jones in which it took the magazine’s staff just 27 minutes to apply for a TARP (Troubled Assets Relief Program) bail out.

Well, we all know how well managed the TARP $350 billion has been mis-handled.  Sullivan, though, ends his piece with, “The Democrats are back, aren't they?”

Nice, Andrew, except for the fact that the program was largely the product of Treasury Secretary Paulson, not the Democratic Congress.

It isn’t that the Democrats are “back,” Andy.  It’s that the Republicans haven’t left yet.  Andrew doesn’t like the Republicans, and he’s already dishing the Democrats.  It’s lonely on the fringes.

For more nuanced minds, let’s see how the remaining $350 billion are controlled before we dump on the Democrats.

Trust, but verify.


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