Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And now, from sunny Ohio…

President Obama’s stimulus bill might or might not look the same tomorrow as it looks today.  There will surely be much negotiating before the final bill reaches the President’s desk.

What is amusing is the early posturing of the borrow-and-spend Republicans who managed to escape the wrath of the electorate in November.  These solons oversaw the largest expansion of government debt and growth in decades, and now they’re quibbling about “grass” and “contraceptives.”  (Google Boehner if citations are needed.)

Especially amusing is watching Congressman Boehner of Ohio play the role of fiscal watchdog.  The amusement stems, however, from his makeup, not from his philosophy.

Has there ever been a darker “white” man who lives, ostensibly, in Ohio?  Especially in wintertime?

One wonders how much of his 24 hour day Boehner spends in a tanning salon.  And to what purpose?  To look darker than Mr. Obama?  Maybe.  He only needs an hour or two more.

Trust, but verify the source of that tan.

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