Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Right-Wing-Nut-Punditry in a dither?

Well, Dear Gentle Reader(s), if not in a dither, certainly at times dithering.

Over at The Atlantic's web site, Ross Douthat has a post in which he discusses the Palin-not-ready-for-Prime-Time brouhaha which is enveloping the rightwingnut pundits lately.

Frankly, it is hard to care what these folks say about Palin, but this snippet from Douthat's post is indicative of something--maybe:

I agree with the Palin-skeptics that she has not turned out to be an asset for McCain - for a variety of reasons, the media's unfair treatment of her included, but in large part because of her difficulties appearing prepared for high office during her interactions with the press, and because the campaign has decided to use her almost exclusively as an attack dog on the stump.

Let's take the phrase "her difficulties appearing prepared for high office."  Now, let's substitute the adjective being for the adjective appearing.  See?  Douthat's problem, "in large part" is that Palin doesn't appear to be prepared; he isn't at all concerned that she isn't prepared.

What does that say about 1) McCain for offering; 2) Palin for accepting; 3) Douthat for not paying attention to the needs of the office?

These folks don't care what happens to the country, as long as their tax cuts remain in place. 

New mantra, DGR(s): Capitalism good; greed bad.

Perhaps Palin will turn out to be some sort of Bodica for the Repugs, but not this election cycle.  Douthat knows that.  One hopes.

Trust, but perhaps not these people, DGR(s); and certainly verify.

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