Saturday, October 4, 2008

Muckroom Follies 10.04.08 --K-Pa Lashes Herself w/Wet Noodle

Kathleen Parker, Dear Gentle Reader(s), is one of several right wing pundits who, just last week, called for Gov Palin to exit the Republican ticket.  It was an example of courage and insight and patriotism; and it got her excoriated by the Repug base.

This week K-Pa used Palin's Fargo monologue (aka Vice Presidential Debate) to prostrate herself before the base and to beg forgiveness--a little.

Parker uses terms like "excellent night," and "the affable, tough, determined pit-bull-hockey mom presented to the GOP convention was back with a jaw-jutting, happy-warrior vengeance."

Before jumping to the conclusion, however, DGR(s), that she has re-converted to Palin submission, K-Pa also snuck in a "too cute by half," and the suggestion that if you ask some non-Repug-base person about the pit-bull-hockey-mom, "you're gonna hear some fear in that person's voice, also. Betcha!"

Parker ended her column with this:

  "The debate format clearly worked better for her because she could control her message and keep pounding well-rehearsed talking points. Does that mean she's ready to lead the free world should circumstances warrant?"

DGR(s), I'd say no.

So, to Parker's credit she managed to do two things:  1) she made an attempt to dampen the fury of the blinkered base (it may not have worked; if you go to the site and read some comments, you'll find many are still seething); and 2) she managed to keep her integrity intact with the strong implication that Palin is not ready to be trusted with the nuclear button--and by extension, neither is Senator McCain.

Parker did penance, but it was a mild penance.  She gets points.  Some.  At least her patriotism is intact.

Trust, but verify.

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