Saturday, October 11, 2008


Yesterday, Dear Gentle Reader(s), Senator McCain made an attempt to temper the mob-like atmosphere which has been creeping into the tenor of his campaign rallies since Governor Palin has been raising the Ayers issue.

Now, we all know that campaigns have often relied on the phenomena of October Surprise to give a last minute boost to their candidates' efforts.  Since the McCain campaign's attempts to question the patriotism of Senator Obama have resoundingly failed with virtually everyone other than the most die-hard reptilian thinkers of the Republican evangelical base, one wonders if the Senator's sudden "defense" of the leading candidate is his attempt to "surprise" everyone with a bit of temperance.  He has, after all, been under some scrutiny with the "elite" wing of the Republican party.  They have written harshly of McCain's veep choice; and they have written harshly of some of the specific attacks on Obama's character.  McCain might have sensed a need for his own rehabilitation.

Is the campaign hoping for an "Aw, Gee.  See?  I told you he was a good guy" response?  If so, is there enough time in the 23 days left before the national election date for a turn around?  Some states have already begun voting.  Absentee ballots arrived in California this week. 

Or is the McCain campaign attempt at moderation based on November 5?  Regardless of the outcome of the election, you must remember, DGR(s), McCain has to return to work in Washington, D.C.  He will either be President-elect or a ranking member of the United States Senate.  He will have to engage with fellow Senators and Congresspersons and members of the bureaucracy.  Could this realization have played some part in "cooling it?"

Senator Obama's campaign has played nicer; it's good to see Senator McCain's finally get with the game.

If someone is going to vilify someone else, trust, but verify.  (And tread very lightly, K-5er.)

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