Thursday, May 29, 2008

Religious Beliefs vs Capitalism?


OK, Dear Gentle Reader(s), that might be a stretch, but not much of one, if the obvious inferences can be made from reading about the latest California Supreme Court case to make the news.

According to a story by Maura Dolan in the Los Angeles Times today, the Court seemed disposed to rule in favor of a lesbian who is suing a fertility medical organization because doctors refused to inseminate her because their religious beliefs "did not approve of lesbians having children."  (Of course, DGR(s), there's much more to the story, and you are encouraged to go online and read it for yourself.)

One of the Justices who voted in the negative in the recent marriage case left this impression on Dolan:  "Justice Carol A. Corrigan, who voted against same-sex marriage, appeared strongly in favor of [Lupita] Benitez's right to medical treatment." 

Capitalism enters the discussion because Corrigan framed her questions with "business" in mind.

Maybe it's time for religious leaders to take stock of their dogma.  Andrew Sullivan has written a brief history of the religious teachings about "sodomy," and it's worth noting that the legal definition has changed over the past 1,000 years, and that legal definition hardly existed prior to that.

All this brouhaha about "the Bible" tells me so, is just that.  Brouhaha.

The Deity might, indeed, be immutable; our understanding of it, though, is constantly evolving.

What an interesting quandary for the current Republican crop of neo-cons--which takes preference in a contest between religious freedom to discriminate and the level playing fields of capitalism? 

Time to reconsider some religious practices, guys.

Trust, but verify.

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