Friday, September 10, 2010

Who leaves out?

Over at the Los Angeles Times, Robin Abcarian has a column entitled “For Muslims, Koran is ‘light from God to humanity.’”

Abcarian gives the standard info about how the Koran is too often misunderstood by non-Muslims.  Interesting, as far as it goes; but the article ends with a bit of obliviousness.

One Akbar S. Ahmed is quoted by Abcarian:

"The Koran is often criticized in the West by people pulling out one verse or another to establish its violent nature," said Ahmed. "They will say the Koran says 'Fight the Jews and Christians and Muslim renegades,' but they leave out the next line — 'But make peace because God prefers peace….' "

What Ahmed didn’t admit, or Abcarian didn’t include, is that those Islamist murderers who kill far more fellow muslims than they do any other religionists and non-extremists, seem to “leave out the next line” far more often.

Get it together, Akbar.

Trust, but verify.

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